Mad Orange Fireworks

Mad Orange Fireworks a blues rock band from Bangalore in India is Michael Dias (Vocals / Guitars), Ramanan Chandramouli (Guitars/Vocals), Kaushik Kumar (Bass / Vocals) and Deepak Raghu (Drums).

Mad Orange Fireworks - blues rock from India

Mad Orange Fireworks

The easy interaction between the players and when on stage with their audience enables Mad Orange Fireworks to deliver guitar led rock which raises a smile. The more recent transition from a three piece to the current line-up has resulted in their output gaining far greater texture, whilst not loosing the free expressions which are the hallmark of their live work.

Mad Orange Fireworks signature being the exploratory, inquisitive, guitars which intoxicate audiences. When a band has complete confidence in their out-put it is immediately evident to the listener, nothing is forced or over emphasised, permitting the ears to enjoy the sounds without ever having that grating feeling of ‘this is a band trying too hard’.  A fanatical live audience greets the quartet when they take to the stage and although that connection of energy can never be replicated on a Studio recording, the players are able to forge a connection through the distance.

Never a genre to sit on my ‘must play this today’ playlist, Mad Orange Fireworks comfortably settle in the ‘I can’t put my finger on it, but definitely worth another spin’.


Lifeline Cast – Mad Orange Fireworks is available on iTunes*.

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Blast Unit Moscow

Blast Unit Moscow a rock band from – well you guessed it Moscow in Russia is Nash (Vocals / Guitar), Misha (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Dima (Bass / Vocals), Seva (Keyboards / Synth) and Vlado (Drums / Vocals).

Blast Music Moscow - Rock from Russia

Blast Music Moscow

How many times have you heard the platitude that music transcends international boundaries? Perhaps someone could explain to me why Blast Unit Moscow do not feature in the UK / USA charts repeatedly and gain continual mainstream radio play? The answer is they are based in Moscow, not the UK or USA. A regular ‘must have’ feature as a support act to well established bands heading out to Russia, this is an injustice all by itself.

You will have gathered from the introduction that Blast Unit Moscow have something of a radio friendly sound so you may be pondering why I am asking you to spend a moment with the band. Whilst it is a tad gentle on the ears, these are far from wallpaper tracks. Combining ’60s Brit Blues with a ’70s new wave refocus the quintent manage to deliver music which is at once familiar yet don’t appear to be badly penned parodies as they add a zest of energy and top notch composition to deliver an ambience that is exactly what is needed for a ‘friends round, because that is what you do with friends’ – evening.

Despite my particularly unhelpful response to an initial introduction, my thanks to Edd (their Manager) for following up and I do hope Blast Unit Moscow finds themselves gaining the far higher profile and success they deserve in 2014, when of course I will once again be moaning to updates that as they are now on a Major Label I am not sure why they are bothering me with their emails, but hey, such is life, these guys deserve the break to a much larger distribution channel.


When the Music Is Over – Single – Blast Unit Moscow is available on iTunes*

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Obedient Wives Club

Obedient Wives Club from Singapore is the fuzzgaze quintet of YinQi Lee (Vocals), Keith Tan (Lead Guitar), Cherie Ko (Rhythm Guitar), Sulaiman Supian (Bass) and Lennat Mak (Drums).

Obedient Wives Club - fuzzgaze from Singapore

Obedient Wives Club – photo: Aloysius Lim

There are those occasional Eureka moments when you discover what has been missing all your life and Obedient Wives Club is a case in point. At the risk of sounding like a red-top sub-editor – Sassy, Sexy, Sultry.

Having undergone a slight transition in sound from lo-fi production of their debut EP in 2012 to a fuller evocation the quintet deliver music you in to which you just want to melt. Influences of the ’60s are inveigled with lynchiesque moments and topped with a dose of indie-pop – what is there not to enjoy? I am reminded of the old Minstrels adverts – melts in your mouth not your hand – as Obedient Wives Club take the basic premise and wash it with reflective translucence that captivates the brain.

Already capturing hearts and minds in the South Eastern Asian region, Obedient Wives Club is a band that a wider world needs to get to know to find out just what is missing from their lives.


Murder Kill Baby – EP – Obedient Wives Club is available on iTunes*.

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Jesus Weekend

Jesus Weekend an alt-synth trio from Osaka in Japan is Seira (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Sanae (Drums) and Azuna (Bass / Synth).

Jesus Weekend - alt-synth from Japan

Jesus Weekend

Just about a year old Jesus Weekend released their debut five track EP Agleam earlier this month through Fancy That! Records. Somewhat experimental nature the music drifts, as-though hidden in cloud, through the room as instruments and electronics combine. Although not pursuing linear expectations of sound there is a coherence to the music in which the audience can just lay back and enjoy. The muted creations are often subsumed in fuzz, giving the impression of watching butterflies drift in the wind.

The compositions have a global resonance and this is an out-fit who could end up settled anywhere in the world. Always likely to remain on the fringes simply as a result of the nature of the music, which is a great pity, as there is much to be gained by getting to know the music that Jesus Weekend deliver, which has a timeless, ethereal quality, once heard not to be forgotten in quickly. I for one hope it isn’t another twelve months for their next release.


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Protomythos from Tel Alviv in Israel is the solo alternative rock musician Tom Treivish.

Protomythos - alt-rock from Israel

Protomythos – alt-rock from Israel

An idea formed in Toms’ mind and the project Protomythos came to fruition. Much like the calming material the ideas were not rushed and over the course of a couple of years a number of tracks were selected and packaged into the ten track LP – In Human Sight – from which 20% of the profits will be donated to animal charities.

In many ways this sits in the middle of middle of the road rock, however there are flights of fancy along the way, which gives the music notches in which to explore and whilst never steering too far off the path, there is enough leverage to stand the music out from the crowd. This is music to take in bite-sized pieces, unless you are a particular fan of conceptual rock, but for me allowing tracks to be digested before sitting down another time, is where I gained most from Protomythos else the heavy curtains weighed down too heavily on my ears.

There is a very studied pace to the output which is matched with the instrumentation and compositions, giving the material considerable impact. Whilst it may not be my favourite music of the year, this is a top quality example of the genre and well worth taking time to explore. If it is a style in which you find a natural home, then it is unlikely that you will find anything of higher standard any-time soon.


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