Coma Row – Criminals – Audio

Coma Row is the electro-rock quartet based in the United Arab Emirates.

Coma Row

Coma Row

Two songs have surfaced this month to add to the two from earlier in the year, each of oppressive countenance that punch their way out of the speakers in combinations of compressed drum-pad and pulsing bass with the evocative vocal and drifting synth being given freedom to glide through the room, affording the tracks an impressive array of texturing in to which the listener becomes immersed.

By way of an introduction to an outfit I look forward to hearing more from in short order – Criminals.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

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Рушан Хәяли (Rushan Hüseyin) – Кан басымы (Blood Pressure) – Audio

Рушан Хәяли (Rushan Hüseyin) is a Russian, more specifically Tatarstan, alt-folk creator.

Рушан Хәяли (Rushan Hüseyin)

Рушан Хәяли (Rushan Hüseyin)

Set for release on the 22nd is a fourteen tack compilation LP celebrating musicians from Tatarstan – Пляж Локомотив (Locomotive Beach) – which will be available as a cassette through Издательство Сияние (Shining Records) imminently.

The tenth of the tracks, which was written whilst Рушан Хәяли was travelling in the USA, Кан басымы (Blood Pressure) is based on the poetry of Ренат харис (Renat Haris) and reflects on national and international conflict.

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Tony Krunk – Different Lights – Audio

The Russian ambient-EDM creator Tony Krunk was introduced last year.

Tony Krunk - Different Lights

Tony Krunk

The latest track to surface Different Lights of very different texture as gone are the menacing undertones of the music to be replaced with a lighter air in a calming flow of electronica and keys which leaves the listener feeling the stresses of the day easing from their shoulders.

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بنج (Banj) – لا تيساليني (Don’t Ask Me) – Single Review

بنج (Banj) is a Saudi Arabian alt-rock trio.

بنج (Banj)

بنج (Banj)

Combining influences of progressive blues and traditional folk their music always fills the room with a captivating measure of the new and the old in which the listener finds themselves absorbed.

The latest track to surface لا تيساليني (Don’t Ask Me) allows the vocal of ألفادي البريدي (Alfadi Albaridi) to take spotlight with its extensive range and captivating timbre as it tessellates between clean cut note and vibrato with guitar and bass dropping in and out of focus.

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紺紗実 (kon sami) – 夜のワルツ (waltz at night) – Video

The Japanese orchestral-wave creator 紺紗実 (kon sami) was introduced earlier in the year.

紺紗実 (kon sami) - 夜のワルツ (waltz at night)

紺紗実 (kon sami)

From the LP blossom a live performance at the album launch of the last of the nine tracks 夜のワルツ (waltz at night) was made available in which the richness of depth of the compositions is explored in a track that drifts through the room like a lotus leaf supporting an infrastructure of wading lifeforms.

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