Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows is  – Omri Dagan (Vocals / Acoustic guitar), Lia Sherman (Violin / Vocals), Mihai Cernea (Harmonica / percussion), Liron Hazan (Bass / Contrabass) and Israel Nizri (Percussion) –  an alt-folk band from Tel Aviv in Israel.

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows - alt-folk from Israel

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows produce music which has a mournful resonance without stepping to melancholia as the quintet provide a commentary on the ride of life with its disappointments, sadnesses, high points and opportunities. Whilst firmly rooted in the acoustic folk territory, they have been able to add a soupçon of rock ‘n’ roll inflections to deliver a surprisingly rolling flow to the music.

With the flexibility of the range of instruments the quintet is able to invest the compositions with emotional relevance which gives the resulting out-put a captivating presence. These are not songs you are going to pull out for a tub-thumping party night, but certainly worth reaching for on a quiet evening at home with a few friends.

To be found on the local live circuit, Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows have enough about them for this to work well across geographic boundaries.

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Yolanda Moon

Yolanda Moon is the triphop duo of Cholo Hermosa and Kyle Quismundo from Manila in The Philippines.

Yolanda Moon - triphop from The Philippines

Yolanda Moon

Luxuriant waves of sounds ease their way into the room on listening to Yolanda Moon. This is music of gliding textures which slide gently past each other before melting together like billowing clouds in the sky. The music has a dreamlike sequence that is delicate of touch and delivery.

Over the past couple years of their existence the music of Yolanda Moon has evolved into a softer and more entrancing state and they have now mastered the dynamics of the sequences, which should see them make more significant strides in short order. The vocal which caresses the instrumentation fits perfectly in style giving the out-put an extra dimension of discovery as it gently floats around the head.

Establishing themselves in the local scene, they have a sound which traverses national boundaries. This is music to pull-out any-time you need to slow down the pace and relax the tensions of the day and I look forward to hearing the future development of Yolanda Moon in the future.

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Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし )

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし ) from Tokyo in Japan is the psychedelic pop quartet of Konno ( コンノ ) (Guitar / Vocal), Kanako ( カナコ )(Keys /Vocal), Yurika ( ユリカ ) (Drums / Vocal) and Niahiyama ( ニシヤマ ) (Bass).

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし ) - psychedelic pop from Japan

Oishiihanashi ( おいしいはなし )

The spirits are lifted on hitting play as Oishiihanashi usher their blurry sounds from the speakers. The listener is left with a sense of fun, whilst the music twists and turns along its path.

There is a naivety to the sound which superbly matches the mood of the music, which is intended for any-time play. That isn’t to say the musicians are not serious players as tracks are written with consideration and capture the spirit of the music in each iteration. Oishiihanashi have a repertoire of songs which they can be proud of and I look forward to hearing their further development.

With a few years behind them the music has become more polished, whilst still retaining the infectious sense of joy that marked their earlier pieces of work. Their most recent LP Room, Sea, Grassland ( 部屋、海、草原 )was released in December of last year and the eight track LP is full of surprising turns.


部屋、海、草原 – おいしいはなし is available on iTunes*.

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Lagori is an alt-rock band from Bangalore in India comprising Tejas Shankar (Vocals), Geeth Vaz (Electric / Acoustic Guitar),  Edward Rasquinha (Acoustic Guitar), Shalini Mohan (Bass) and Vinyl Kumar (Drums / Shakers / Cajon).

Lagori - Alt-rock from India


Taking influences from various regions across India and western rock, whilst singing in Hindi Lagori, provides the audience with a delightful resulting out-put which for it’s very inclusiveness has an international flavour that resonates with audiences regardless of language comprehension.

The gently filtered tracks are from time to time interspersed by the presence of metal focussed pieces, which roar out of the speakers. For fans of world music Lagori make a space which makes genuine sense as it offers an extending hand regardless of location. The quintet all take time to provide backing vocals, which gives the music considerable vocal dexterity and the combinations of acoustic and electric guitars sitting alongside traditional percussion adds a further texture of interest.

Although combining such disparate influences, the resulting compositions do not come across as hashes of nothingness, rather hint at familiarity and simultaneously new sounds, allowing the audience to enjoy the freshness and open welcome being offered to the ears.


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Valuenary from Makassar in Indonesia is the rock quartet of Bothay (Vocal), Pardy (Guitar), Ara (Bass) and Chapunk (Drums).

Valuenary - Rock from Indonesia


Having only formed in August there is little material currently available, but what I have heard leads me to believe Valuenary have much to say and are already saying it well.

Lyrics focus on the world around them and the music is riven with classical rock themes, with big anthems and rumbling drums, it is the superb vocal which marks them out above the crowd. Valuenary have taken their influences as the foundation and are seeking to add their own structure around it without heading off theme and with some well composed songs they are able to offer a sound which fills the room with its presence.

As mentioned, material is very limited and I look forward to hearing more in short order.


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