Lagori is an alt-rock band from Bangalore in India comprising Tejas Shankar (Vocals), Geeth Vaz (Electric / Acoustic Guitar),  Edward Rasquinha (Acoustic Guitar), Shalini Mohan (Bass) and Vinyl Kumar (Drums / Shakers / Cajon).

Lagori - Alt-rock from India


Taking influences from various regions across India and western rock, whilst singing in Hindi Lagori, provides the audience with a delightful resulting out-put which for it’s very inclusiveness has an international flavour that resonates with audiences regardless of language comprehension.

The gently filtered tracks are from time to time interspersed by the presence of metal focussed pieces, which roar out of the speakers. For fans of world music Lagori make a space which makes genuine sense as it offers an extending hand regardless of location. The quintet all take time to provide backing vocals, which gives the music considerable vocal dexterity and the combinations of acoustic and electric guitars sitting alongside traditional percussion adds a further texture of interest.

Although combining such disparate influences, the resulting compositions do not come across as hashes of nothingness, rather hint at familiarity and simultaneously new sounds, allowing the audience to enjoy the freshness and open welcome being offered to the ears.


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Valuenary from Makassar in Indonesia is the rock quartet of Bothay (Vocal), Pardy (Guitar), Ara (Bass) and Chapunk (Drums).

Valuenary - Rock from Indonesia


Having only formed in August there is little material currently available, but what I have heard leads me to believe Valuenary have much to say and are already saying it well.

Lyrics focus on the world around them and the music is riven with classical rock themes, with big anthems and rumbling drums, it is the superb vocal which marks them out above the crowd. Valuenary have taken their influences as the foundation and are seeking to add their own structure around it without heading off theme and with some well composed songs they are able to offer a sound which fills the room with its presence.

As mentioned, material is very limited and I look forward to hearing more in short order.


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Still Rhyming

Still Rhyming is the hip-hop duo of Doak 17 and Rhymez Disguised from Dimapur in India.

Still Rhyming - hip hop from India

Still Rhyming

There is a subtle sound that Still Rhyming deliver, which is something of a surprise given the genre and it is the melodic compositions that mark out the duo as well worth spending time to get to know.

The lyrics, whilst reflective of injustices, are equally inclusive and looking for a path through the conundrums of life. This thoughtful process allows Still Rhyming to create music which has a strangely calming effect and is far from typical of hip-hop, perhaps chill-zone rap would be a better genre definition.

Whilst predominately deploying looped beats, as to be anticipated, the duo also introduce on some tracks the sounds of piano, which demonstrate their desire and ability to scope new ground within the style and it works particularly well.

In a sector of music that I normally find difficulty in engaging, I am looking forward to hearing far more by Still Rhyming in the future.


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Yesterdrive is Molee Lollen (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Liem Ngadong (Bass / Backing Vocals), Haggai Rongmei (Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals), Sachin Shahi (Drums) and Kabir Jamatia (Synth / Sample / FX) an alt-rock band originally from Arunachal Pradesh in India, now based in New Delhi.

Yesterdrive - alt-rock from India


Smartly shaped sounds flow across the room as Yesterdrive deliver music which resonates of the past and present. Through the combination of electronics and instrumentation the quintet is able to infuse layers of textures to their music.

Whilst the material resonates of the past this is not music for the history books as Yesterdrive speak of life in 2014 inside melodic structures which float like spider-webs in the breeze. The tracks sit easily on the ears as synthetic notes are left on extended play, whilst sharply pinned strings and percussion mark out the territory.  Whilst there is little recorded out-put to report on, what is available finds a band who knows how to write and compose songs.

Only a year into their existence Yesterdrive make for an engaging band whose development will be interesting to follow and I wish them the best for the future.

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Hold On – Single – Yesterdrive is available on iTunes*.

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The Riots

The Riots a Mod band from Moscow in Russia is Sasha Bolotov (Vocals /Guitar), Alex Shanin (Vocals / Drums) and Kirill Usachev (Vocals /Bass).

The Riots - mod rock from Russia

The Riots

Referencing the UK ‘late ’70s The Riots have updated the mod derivative new wave to another angle as they reflect on an overbearing bureaucracy intent on dictating every moment of life. Whilst drawing considerable influence from The Jam and regular readers well know my disdain for that trio, they nonetheless pique more than a passing interest.

This is another agit outfit from Russia who are able to escape the full wrath of the Russian Bear and I am minded to posit that if you sing in English, in Russia, red-pens don’t quite know what to do with it. The visceral lyrics are explicitly targeted and fire finely honed darts of invective as The Riots explore the space in which they live.

Sonically the delightful rumblings of the sub-woofers bounce off the walls as the music bounds around the room like a feral cat seeking an escape route and the listener can’t help but to flail their body in vague syncopation.


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