Sourin – Kusaikire / 草いきれ – Audio

Sourin is the ambient-idm project of the Japanese music creator Tomoya Shiono.



Creating music which is of extended duration with many songs running to over eight minutes, the intricate development in the compositions ensures that the tracks are not filled with extraneous concepts, rather bodies of work in which the listener becomes fully absorbed.

The closing track on the recent five track EP Kakyou – 佳境 (available on bandcamp) is the seven minutes and twenty seconds of Kusaikire / 草いきれ, which is also the sprightliest on the release with a drum-kit chasing along the bass-loop and the jazz tinctured keys giving the sense of a journey through space.


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吉田ヨウヘイgroup – (Yoshida Yohei Group) -トーラス (Torus) – Video

The Japanese maths-rock sextet 吉田ヨウヘイgroup – (Yoshida Yohei Group) released the LP – AR on the 15th.

吉田ヨウヘイgroup (Yoshida Yohei Group) - AR - artwork

吉田ヨウヘイgroup (Yoshida Yohei Group) – AR – artwork

It was back in 2015 that 吉田ヨウヘイgroup last featured and whilst there is similarity in sound their music has become even more logarithmic in construct and the listener finds themselves pulling out a slide-rule just to remind themselves they can still remember how to use one whilst calculating the relative distribution of the flute, tenor and alto sax, piano, bass guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals and drums contained within the album, while always tuned in to the absorbing compositions which draw fractals around the room.

The second track of the dozen tracks on the LP is トーラス.

ar – 吉田ヨウヘイgroup is available on iTunes.*

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Наадя (Naadia) – Облака (Clouds) – Video

It has been approaching a year since the Russian dreamwave outfit Наадя (Naadia) last featured.

Наадя (Naadia) - Облака (Clouds)

Наадя (Naadia)

The newest track – Облака (Clouds) – is borne through the room in contrasts of the flexing muscles of bulging bass-loops and the fragile feathering synth through which the vocal hovers like a bird flighting in and out of focus through sunlight and occlusions of broken stratus.

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Cherry Coloured – A Sudden Warmness – Audio

The Israeli sadcore project of עמית בויום (Amit Buium)  Cherry Coloured is finalising details of the LP Behind.

Cherry Coloured

Cherry Coloured

From the forthcoming album A Sudden Warmness, which was released as a stand alone single earlier this month, which is available on bandcamp, is a dreamy landscape in which to rest the mind through its almost seven minutes duration.

A thrubbing singular bass note opens the track creating a tempo which stays in the head throughout the song, prior to pastel shades of electronica drift through the ears with sparse metallophone and a vocal gazing through a voile imperceptibly building the volume of the track prior to collapsing in to silence.

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Band Of The Month – October 2017 – Editors’ Choice

As the year has progressed so it has become more difficult to select the Editors’ Choice for Bands of the Month

Coma Row - Band Of The Month October 2017

Coma Row

for October – based in The United Arab Emirates – Coma Row.

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