Paris death Hilton – 192 tentacles – Video

Paris death Hilton is an experimental-electro-rock duo from Japan.

Paris death Hilton

Paris death Hilton

Probably not music to play if you are suffering from a hangover, however, Paris death Hilton are a duo you should find time to fit in to the day somewhere.

I will come back to the band with a fuller article in due course. For now, by way of an introduction, a live version of the angular-glitch of 192 tentacles from the EP Victoria’s Shithole, which is available on bandcamp.

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紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) – blossom – Video

The Japanese synth-soul creator 紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) released the LP blossom earlier in the month, though thus far, only in Japan.

紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) - blossom - artwork

紺 紗実 (Kon Sami) – blossom – artwork

The title track and first of the nine songs – blossom – provides a good indication of the album. Opening with piano which is subsequently accompanied by synths and instrumentation delivering music a calmly drifting measure. The title track, as it evolves is stippled with influences from Southern US blues as slide guitar joins in the just over four minutes number.


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MONO NO AWARE – 井戸育ち (Well Brought Up) – Video

The Japanese indie quartet MONO NO AWARE release their début LP 人生、山おり谷おり (Life, Mountain Valley) on the 2nd of March.



The first track to appear from the forthcoming album is the buoyant and sparkling effervescence of  井戸育ち (Well Brought Up).

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For Tracy Hyde – あたたかくて甘い海 (A Sweet And Warm Sea) – Video

The Japanese indie-gaze quintet For Tracy Hyde were in the New Year Ninety.

For Tracy Hyde - Photograph courtesy of Kodai Kobayashi

For Tracy Hyde – Photograph courtesy of Kodai Kobayashi

From the LP Film Bue – the eleventh of the fourteen tracks – あたたかくて甘い海 (A Sweet And Warm Sea) which resonates of their gauzed sounds.

Film Bleu – For Tracy Hyde is available on iTunes.*

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MO – Still Grindin – Video

The Japanese hip-hop creator Mo released the single Still Grindin on the 16th.



Collaborating with the Japanese rapper BIG I’z MAFIAStill Grindin is a track to listen to with speakers unleashed.

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