The Vinyl Records – Turbulence – Audio

The Vinyl Records – an alt-rock band from India – are due to release an as yet unnamed LP next month.

The Vinyl Records - Turbulence

The Vinyl Records – Turbulence

The Vinyl Records have featured on the site frequently since 2013 always producing a fiery new-wave burst of sound. In the track Turbulence from the forthcoming album, there is a more mellowed flow to the material and it will be interesting to discover if this marks a new direction of travel.

Turbulence features Kartik Pillai from Begum on vocals, another band who have regularly featured.

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Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Untouchable – Audio

The Indian dark-wave pairing of Trikome and Kosmikbloom will be releasing the EP Fat Cat tomorrow.

Trikome with Kosmikbloom - Fat Cat - artwork

Trikome with Kosmikbloom – Fat Cat – artwork

Within the past few hours the first track to surface – Untouchable – was made available.

Untouchable is a trippy track that wraps up the listener in its moody electronic glitches and shaded vocal.

Trikome social media page

Kosmikbloom social media page

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Jamblu – Hypocrite pt 2 – Audio

The Indian dystopian-edm project of Kartik PillaiJamblu – released the two track single Hypocrite on the 2nd.

Jamblu - Hypocrite Pt1&2 - artwork

Jamblu – Hypocrite Pt1&2 – artwork

With tracks being named simply Hypocrite pt 1 and pt 2 – my pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the haunting Hypocrite pt 2, which also features Hashback Hashish – longer stay readers will recall his name.


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Yesterdrive – Control – Audio

The Indian indie band Yesterdrive revealed their latest track – Control on the 26th.

Yesterdrive - Control


It has been over a year since they made available new material and a delight that Yesterdrive have surfaced with new music for those of us who don’t have the opportunity to see them live.

Control contains all the essential elements of their sound with instrumentation and synths blending in to each other, which in this instance they have mixed to produce a distinctly Scandi-indie dance driven number.

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Socially Altered – Cancer For The Soul – Audio

The introspective-rock project of Krishnendu GhosalSocially Altered from India releases his début three track single Resurgence on the 11th.

Socially Altered

Socially Altered

In Socially Altered the listener discovers music that is simultaneously bleak, whilst being cathartic.

The deep string bending bass opening the second track of the three on ResurgenceCancer For The Soul – embraces the mind from which it will not let its grip relax for the five and a quarter minutes of its journey. The scattered percussion gives an air of the unexpected and guitar weaves its way through tempo and structure while the almost chanting vocal spirals round the brain.

Socially Altered provides material in which the listener is luxuriantly able to slough the dead-weight of the darkest emotions in the mesmeric compositions.


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