BountyTweex – Only One Thing – Single Review

BountyTweex is a new Russian dreamwave duo.



Currently there is just the one track around Only One Thing, though I am given to believe a second song will surface next week and an LP later in the year.

The dreamy vocal curls around the listener with its captivating echo while electronica adds a multi-dimensional ever changing backdrop allowing the BountyTweex to deliver a roughly six and a half minutes song in Only One Thing that doesn’t seem in the least excessive, in fact could comfortably hold attention for considerably longer.

News of the future material suggests that amongst it will be songs of faster dance pace and I look forward to hearing what else BountyTweex have tucked away in the locker.

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Socially Altered – Limbo – Single Review

The Indian introspective-electronica project Socially Altered was introduced last year.

Socially Altered - Limbo

Socially Altered

The newest track Limbo, due for release on the 21st of July on bandcamp, is a reflection of disturbed sleep patterns and on understanding the concept the discordant careening of electronics, instrumentation and vocal that surface in to the room, makes perfect sense, in what is an expressionist composition, though unlikely to hold the attention of those who like their music neatly aligned with a clear direction of travel.

The various elements slip in and out of alignment, clash with each other on timing and key as Limbo aurally depicts the nature of broken slumber.

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Love X Stereo – Maybe I – Video

Recently relocated to England from South Korea the electrowave outfit Love X Stereo are currently working towards the release of the LP – 37.

Love X Stereo - Maybe I

Love X Stereo

Most recently to surface is Maybe I – from the forthcoming release – a song steeped in a sorrowful template that seeps through the bone-marrow of the audience with its softly brushed furnishings.

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Band Of The Month – May 2017 – Editors’ Choice

Time for the Editors’ Choice for the band of the month for May – regardless – a thanks to all music creators, whether ever featured or not on the site for doing what you do as you make the world a better place.

Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother) - band of the month May 2017

Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother)

With the normal eclectic selection of bands published over the month it is always a decision fraught with – ‘but what about?’ – however a decision needs to be made and from Russia Краснознаменная дивизия имени моей бабушки (Red banner division named after my grandmother)is the May 2017 selection.

Кики – Краснознамённая дивизия имени моей бабушки is available on iTunes.*

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ゆくえしれずつれづれ (not secured, loose ends) – ニーチェとの戯曲 (Play with Nietzsche) – Video

ゆくえしれずつれづれ (not secured, loose ends) is a Japanese alt-metal outfit.

ゆくえしれずつれづれ (not secured, loose ends)

ゆくえしれずつれづれ (not secured, loose ends)

Regularly playing live across Japan they will be playing playing four gigs in Canada between the 19th and the 24th.

By way of an introduction captured in live performance last month in Japan – ニーチェとの戯曲 (Play with Nietzsche).


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