low horizon – Funeral – Audio

The US lofi quartet low horizon are set to release the EP four songs too long on the 21st of April.

low horizon - four songs too long - artwork

low horizon – four songs too long – artwork

A wide ranging journey of sound is available to hear on the roughly twenty minutes, five track EP (available on bandcamp), which makes sense, as low horizon do have an extensive range of influences which is borne through their music.

There were a couple of stand out songs for me, which at least disproves the theory of the release title – one of which was the closer Funeral; a track that I enjoyed for its compression of everything bar the atmospheric synth which drifts through the song in its own good time, like a puppy not quite yet familiar with the idea of going for a walk on a lead. How is it possible not to be enamoured?

Funeral is a track I am able to share with you from four songs too long – though sadly don’t have the go ahead to share my pick of the release – 40//Death which is worth the price of the EP, when it is released next month, on its own.


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Dolorifics – Goodbye – Video

Dolorifics is an indie-rock quartet from Sweden.



First introduced in 2015 as Boys Of Terror a significant change, aurally, is heard by Kalle Mossberg, the bassist, now being full-time with the new iteration of Dolorifics, rather than being purely the live performance bassist, which enables them to create a more rounded sound to the material with every player now being an integral part of the developmental progress of a song.

From their latest EP Excessive Self-Pity (which is available on bandcamp) the third of the four tracks – Goodbye – which evidences the stronger bond betwixt each element.

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Billionaire – World Loves A Trier – Audio

The English electro-lofi project centred around John SterryBillionaire – releases the EP Cheap Credit on the 31st.



From the forthcoming EP – the penultimate of the five tracks – World Loves A Trier has a mystical presence that hangs in the air long after the song has completed.

Those of longer stay may recollect the name John Sterry being first introduced back in 2009 as part of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst over seven years have passed the distinctive voice still remains as recognisable and absorbing as ever was the case.

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Seething Akira – Backlash – Video

The English dub-step-rock band Seething Akira are scheduling the release of their début LP, Sleepy Skeletor, in June.

Seething Akira - photo by Rhona Murphy Photography

Seething Akira – photo by Rhona Murphy Photography

As always Seething Akira are able to take two distinct styles of music and merge them resulting in tracks that pile their way through the speakers filling the room with high-energy high-impact rock.

From the forthcoming release – Backlash – once again demonstrates their impressive songwriting and musicianship skills.

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Ákos Mándoki – Cryo Chamber Funk – Audio

The Hungarian nu-funkadelic creator Ákos Mándoki releases the EP Cathode Ray Cruiser on the 30th.

Ákos Mándoki - Cathode Ray Cruiser - artwork

Ákos Mándoki – Cathode Ray Cruiser – artwork

Unless your speakers are having a knee tremble all on their own with bass notes bruising the sub-woofers as you feel the pulses of sound physically brushing your hair then I merely suggest start again with settings more appropriately aligned. Without it you will not be thrusting your hip bone to crunch against your shoulder-blade and thereby you will be missing the whole experience of the contortions of Ákos Mándoki.

The complete four track, roughly sixteen minutes, EP is available on bandcamp and my pick of the release is the penultimate – Cryo Chamber Funk.

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