Still Talk – Slow Sunday – Single Review

Still Talk is a new German rock project.

Still Talk

Still Talk

As I type there is only one song around – Slow Sunday – though am led to believe later today a second track will be revealed.

A soft brush of blurred guitar washes through the room to the accompaniment of a layering of active drum-kit with the bass giving the track its anchor whilst a mesmerising and highly capable vocal floats as though an otherworldly presence as it transfixes the listener.

On the basis of only one song, which lasts just a tad over three minutes, I am already looking forward with eager anticipation to the second LP, never mind the, as yet unplanned, début album and anticipate Still Talk is a name that will rapidly become familiar.

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Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine – Death By A 1000 Cuts – Video

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine is a roots-rock trio from England.

Dan O'Farrell & The Difference Engine

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine

For some little while now there has been an exchange of emails between ourselves, which sadly, have never aligned until this point in time.

Regular readers, will anticipate that on being presented with a double-bass it is something I am likely to be delighted to share; even dating back to the last decade on the old URL.

Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine are able to do far more than merely add double-bass as they delve far beyond the saplings of ’50s rock’n’roll to conjoin their music with the tap and lateral roots of Southern Soul from the ’20s to deliver music that puts a fresh paintbrush to music of almost a century ago whilst equally able to sweep up the intervening decades with music which resonates of the ’10s and its fractured societal constructs.

A live performance earlier in the year surfaced a few days ago of the, as yet, unreleased Death By A 1000 Cuts which even more delightedly adds a fourth player on lapsteel in a song that reflects of the salami slicing of the 99% for the after-dinner cabaret entertainment of the 1%.

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The Brothers Caged – OBJECTURE! – Single Review

The Brothers Caged is a classic-rock band from the USA.

The Brothers Caged

The Brothers Caged

Found in the studio as a duo and in live performance as a quartet (plus one) – those who know the band will fully understand their inside humour of the + one of Adam Douglas.

Taking the listener back to the early ’60s prior to the development of heavy synth-driven rock which resulted in much fracturing of the genre rock The Brothers Caged deliver music steeped in multifarious layering of guitar which circles the room in rich melodies met with punching bass / drum work with vocal folding in the open spaces affording the music an expansive ebb and flow in which the synapses tempo, giving the music a trippy-feel.

The latest song to surface is OBJECTURE! – which is possibly the third reveal from what appears to be a slowly developing album with the working title – Closer As Time Goes By.

The more perspicacious longer stayed readers will have noticed that each of the previous two articles and this one are marginally out of normal cut-off point and I apologise for my poor administration once again becoming an unnecessary and undesirable fulcrum.

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SCERE – Because I – Audio

The US based erotowave collaboration SCERE are currently finalising details for their début EP.



The duo of Ged Denton and Coral deliver music of triphop texture which is best engaged with a partner and eyes blindfolded by thin purple velvet bindings whilst massaging one another’s bodies with warm oil as their début single Because I caresses the earlobes.

Dark waves of industrial electronica nibbles tenderly on the neck whilst the gothic vocal draws fingernails across the torso.

Sadly with only one song to hear this is merely a very short foreplay lasting less than four and a half-minutes and I am looking forward to the fuller length EP – for now – I can only best suggest – put the song on loop when hitting play.


Because I – Single – SCERE is available on iTunes.*

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Asthmatic Harp – Seven Sisters – Audio

Asthmatic Harp is the alt-folk vehicle that England based, Danish originating Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones uses to reveal thoughts on the world around.

Asthmatic Harp

Asthmatic Harp

A well travelled musician with live appearances in a variety of settings in Europe and North America, the scandi-folkore influenced compositions always contain the unexpected captivating the audience.

A series of songs, each named after a London (England) tube station have surfaced in the past few months, the most recent of which is Seven Sisters.


Seven Sisters – Single – Asthmatic Harp is available on iTunes.*

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