From Helsinki, Finland comes the alt indie outfit called  MADAME DE C*** comprising Benjamin G***Mikko K***, Daniel U*** and Visa D***.

MADAME DE C*** - alt indie from Finland


MADAME DE C*** deliver music which splays across the room in showers of sparks as drum and guitar flash across each other in an explosive mix full of sublimation.

Melding garage rock and studied musicianship MADAME DE C*** is able to deliver material which melts like a soldering iron and as finely tuned as an undersea welder, the quartet deliver cemented bases from which to finesse their showers of light.

Whilst I can find much to enjoy in the material, I will always feel somewhat short-changed by the band name.

I offer this as a band worthy of consideration,  I will cut the review short – you judge.


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NudE from Paris in France is an alt-rock band comprising JamesClémentPatrick and Julien.

NudE - alt rock from France


NudE has been around in the underground for over a decade and are not the most prolific generators of music with their debut LP not coming out until 2008 and the follow up in 2011, it seems things are stirring and I would expect to see a new creation appear sometime next year. As you know I prefer to hear music released five minutes coming out of the mind, however when a band makes scarcity part of their art-form then it has to be respected.

Bringing in elements of progressive rock, experimental electronics and stadium rock, NudE deliver voluptuous sounds which can extend to over twelve minutes. They are able to fill that time with sounds which merge in to each other giving the listener a journey into outer-space. The compositions flow through transitions taking the audience ever further from the starting point and deliver complex structures which are packed with new ideas, so it is perhaps more than reasonable to expect releases to be so sparse as each track packs in as much inventiveness and range of ideas as many others are able to deliver in an eleven track release.

Hardly prolific live performers either, I guess the most difficult issue for bands like NudE is not to disappear off the radar altogether, yet the fan-base seems to hold faith in the next production, retaining connection and communication.

I have enjoyed what I have heard of the quartet and am one of those waiting patiently for the next release. Given that it has taken me since September 2012 to get round to their introduction, perhaps I need to look at my own glasshouse…..


My Kingdom Is a Jail – Nude is availble on iTunes*.

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Krishna’s Temple Rock

Krishna’s Temple Rock an alt carnatic raga band from Pondicherry in India is Krishna Kumar (Vocals / Kanjeera), Matt Littlewood (Saxophone), Aman Mahajan (Keyboard),  Viji Cheyyur (Electric Guitar), Mishko M’Ba (Bass Guitar) and Sowri Rajan (Tavil / Ghatam / Morsingh).

Krishna's Temple Rock - alt carnatic raga from India

Krishna’s Temple Rock

Combining traditional classical Southern Indian influences with Western jazz and rock, Krishna’s Temple Rock through their extended tracks are able to offer some highly inventive and surprising pieces of music. The metronomic drone more normally provided by the tambula is replaced with the keys and morsingh which gives the music a more morose frame, the injection of sax and electronic instruments provide the injection of lighter flavours.

Whilst the focus remains as with classical carnatic on compositions around the voice, the jazz and western rock influences are given room to breathe and the listener is left with music which extrapolates very distinct styles into a fusion of some considerable intrigue.

Pondicherry given the proximity of Auroville provides some of the most interesting cohesions of styles, in the Indian Subcontinent, which should come as no surprise and this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last I am sure, that I will introduce a band from the region doing something a little different to the mainstream.


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Remove Silence

Remove Silence from São Paulo in Brazil is the progressive rock quartet of Hugo Mariutti (Guitar / Vocals), Ale Souza (Bass / Vocals), Edu Cominato (Drums / Vocals) and Fabio Ribeiro (Keyboards).

Remove Silence - progressive rock from Brazil

Remove Silence – Photograph by Duca Mendes.

Stepping somewhere into the territory of ELO, Remove Silence is able to offer majesty along with scuffed robes. As regular readers know, I have scant regard for the egocentric irrelevance of the dinosaur skeletal fossils of ’70s rock who forgot their beginnings in the tapestry of their golden fleeces. Fortunately these guys skip back to the beginnings and whilst bloated, the bloat is not unpalatable, rather the added value.

The music wafts around the room like a gentle breeze and as it circles it gains intensity, becoming a raging tornado of orchestral dimensions as Remove Silence combine heavy metal and stadium keyboards into a an impressive delivery of compositions which echo of the past, whilst firmly rooted in the here and now.

This will never sit on my natural musical trajectory, however there is plenty of bite and inventiveness to hold attention. Of particular enjoyment is when they let go from the sta-pressed suits and let the edges run and in those moments the quartet offer songs which proffer as much to the audience as they expect of them and the listener feels a sense of equilibrium.

I hope they don’t finally tilt into the abyss of the deluded as where they now sit is not just a cloying introspection, having an out stretched hand to the rapidly expanding fan-base. I fear however an A&R from a major label will spot their pension and in a year or so – it will be sad if you missed to opportunity to catch them now, rather than then…


Stupid Human Atrocity – Remove Silence is available on iTunes*.

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