Mingmen – Great Illusion – Video

Mingmen from Switzerland were introduced back in July of last year.

Mingmen - There's A Place - Artwork

Mingmen – There’s A Place – Artwork

A new LP – the thirteen track There’s A Place was released last month and a new video has appeared for Great Illusion, from the album.

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Hollowood from São Paulo in Brazil is the alt-indie quintet of Dan Carelli (Vocals / Guitar),  Lucas Takejame (Vocals / Guitar), Renato Cruzatto (Bass / Vocals), Vitor Almeida Lopes (Keys / Synth) and Vitor Kajiro (Drums).

Hollowood - alt indie from Brazil


There is a natural uninhibited expressiveness that Hollowood deliver in their sounds. Music that is drawn from the heart and soul of the creators, is played with the carefree abandon that is only possible by a band who truly believe in what they are creating. So it is with some pleasure to introduce the quintet who through their own enthusiasm for their songs, is highly infectious.

That isn’t to say the material doesn’t have thoughtful composition, as it most certainly does, but rather than concentrate on the perfect pitch – Hollowood retain in playing – the enthusiastic nature that came about in the creative process and this makes the audience want to invest in them, for its very honesty.

A range of influences appear in the melting pot of sounds and Hollowood are able to express these thoughts in their out-put, which by the very nature of the composition process means continual change and evolution, including the very recent addition of synths to the line-up. A new LP is currently in the embryonic stage, which may see the light of day later this year.

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The MANICS from Norrköping is Sweden is the rock band comprising Peter Aspegren (Vocals / Guitar), Fredrik Malmbecker (Bass / Vocals) and Niklas Ohlson (Drums).

The MANICS - Rock from Sweden

The MANICS – Photo credit M. Wilson

The MANICS provide high energy driven music that reminds of early ’80s new wave. Progressing rapidly the tracks have sharp clarity stripped of the fat, leaving the audience bouncing in time with the beats. A few years behind them, the trio have honed their live performance and recordings to tight and well balanced sounds which, despite their frenetic nature, are played with easy confidence and plenty of space.

It is the very bareness of the strings, which are wound tightly that leads me to enjoy the music as much as I do and this accompanied by a drum-kit that you can just imagine charging around the room leaves the audience happy with life. The MANICS demonstrate that music which doesn’t have complicated layers, to flower it up, can completely absorb the listener.

This is a band to add to the essential music playlist and I hope they have many years ahead of them.


Drowning//Demons – Single – The Manics is available on iTunes*.

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Hey, Sleeper – Tear In My Heart – Video

Hey, Sleeper from England has just released a new video for track two on the five song release We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June.

Hey, Sleeper

Hey, Sleeper

Tear In My Heart is a stark and poignant acoustic performance, by someone I know far better as a PR guy working on behalf of other musicians. So it is a pleasure to introduce the music behind Luke Roberts.

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