Chris Marksbury – I Still Love You – Audio

Chris Marksbury from the USA is coming near to the conclusion of his LP All About You which rumour has it may be set for release next month.

Chris Marksbury

Chris Marksbury

For those of you who have been with me the past few years will probably recall Chris as a photographer talking to me about hiring a photographer in the Indie Music Tips Series (which I will start reposting and picking up again here on Emerging Indie Bands imminently). He is also a highly proficient and experienced singer songwriter.

For now here is I Still Love You from the forthcoming LP.

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Lolita is an indie pop band from Koprivnica in Croatia with the line-up of Antonio Hanžek (drums), Charles Cmrk (bass) and John Grobenski (guitar / vocals).

Lolita - indie pop from Croatia


There is an easy relaxed style that Lolita delivers with vocals in English and clear influences from ’60s brit-rock it would be easy to dismiss this as nothing much of anything at all. To discard it so quickly would, in my view, to be make a mistake.

Whilst not seeking to turn the world of music upside-down, the trio throw up some interesting markers. The recorded material has that distinctive sound of recordings made pre MP3 multi channel recordings, which immediately captures the ear as genuine and heartfelt, with the music laid out to stand or fall on its own right. I am also reflective of the fact that much of the music I hear coming out of the former Yugoslavian conglomeration as they have devolved into their separate and distinctive states typically is of far gruffer and vitriolic texture and this of itself marks Lolita as worthy of note with their more exuberant, though not naive, take on region. Valuable music has to be taken in the context in which it is created and while the notes may not sit naturally on my ears, I raise my hat to these guys who are striking by their very difference from that which locally surrounds them.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their eight track LP Lipstick Pop, I can confidently say Lolita is worthy of far more than a cursory glance.


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Little Bastard

Little Bastard a seven piece roguish country rock band from Sydney in Australia is Matt MasonRoss TipperJohnny TookEd RoweDaniel D’arcyTrevor Davies and Liam Hoskins.

Little Bastard - country rock from Australia

Little Bastard

Mid-west America couldn’t come up with anything more Americana country blues than Little Bastard. Essentially a live performance act, though how the seven of them fit on the stage I am not quite sure, but there is plenty to enjoy by listening to recorded pieces. Every conceivable instrument from fiddle to harmonica appears at some stage or another and it is all delivered with an infectious sense of fun that the audience can’t help but get tapping along to.

Inside the framework of the upright mid-west, Little Bastard inject some Australian nonchalance and the resulting compositions skitter across the room on the verge of a breakdown, but it is all kept in order and the exuberant sounds continue to rattle round the head long after the music has stopped.

Gaining considerable visibility around Australia on the festival circuit, this is an out-fit who need to bring their rays of sunshine to an international live audience as this is music that works just anywhere.

Turn up the volume and enjoy a rollicking good party with Little Bastard.


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The Horn The Hunt – Black Fire – Video

The Horn The Hunt have a new video for Black Fire.

The Horn The Hunt

The Horn The Hunt

I am looking forward to when Indie Bands Blog is back up and running as the reason for many of these audio and video posts will be more evident.

The Leeds based band were featured on the old site but I can’t at this point in time give you the old URL as all you will get is a 404.

For now here is the latest tune – Black Fire.

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