Maids a heavy metal act from Newcastle in Australia is The Chef, Mitt Jim, Preston Berryman and Missile Dyl.

Maids - heavy metal from Australia


Were that all, there would be little to write and I would not ask you to spend time with Maids. There is far more as the quartet de-construct the sounds leaving the audience staring at scaffolding as the layers are metronomically stripped away. One is reminded of Metal Box, fortunately far better in my opinion – as you will be more than aware of my intense antagonism towards a clown, advertising butter.

Because of the very nature of the flaying skin the listener can’t help but to become absorbed like a rubber-necker to a gruesome road accident, you know you shouldn’t, but the human fascination with blood and gore just transfixes and so we find ourselves with Maids, just waiting for that next spurt of screeching guitar to lay waste. Stripping away the bones of metal rock we are left in a forlorn space of industrialism crashing through the speakers.

Smartly never stepping away from their home territory, Maids is able to offer fans of the genre much to hold on to, whilst those after different vectors are amply served.

As those connected with me on some of my personal social media profiles know, I try to catch up with a community radio station in Ballarat in Australia couple of times a week –  Voice FM – and it was via the Collision Show I was listening to today, that I found myself intrigued by Maids, I trust you will too find something of interest.


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Goy Boy McIlroy

Goy Boy McIlroy an alt-blues quartet from Darlington in England is David Saunders (Vocals), Simon Goy (Guitar), Al Evans (Drums) and Glen Adkins (Bass).

Goy Boy McIlroy - alt-blues from England

Goy Boy McIlroy

Theoretically centred around swooping guitar riffs Goy Boy McIlroy quickly knock that on the head as all the players are given equal prominence. That isn’t to say that the strings are not given space to explore, because they are, but the lasting impression is a superb baritone vocal which ties the compositions together.

Combining the lower registers throughout their work Goy Boy McIlroy is able to inject a gothic mediaevalism into the sounds which are as inebriating as the architecture and this a band to spend many a delightful hour as the music soars triumphantly around the room.

Although it is only early in November and I have a few thousand bands to consider for review before the end of the month, these guys are already on my ‘Editors choice’ shortlist for the band of the month and I am also certain they will rise high in the readers selection for band of the month.

Well worth catching live on their supporting tour in Northern England through November to mid December, with a one off date in London on the 8th (tomorrow) if you are in the vicinity, I posit.

With a new single set for release on the 11th November I wish Goy Boy McIlroy all the best for the future.


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The Almighty Rhombus

The Almighty Rhombus from Greater Sudbury in Canada is the alt-rock quintet of Mike Kenny (Guitar / lead Vocals), Clayton Drake (Keys), Neil Bednis (Bass), Carter Drake (Drums) and Cameron Drake (Guitar).

The Almighty Rhombus - alt rock from Canada

The Almighty Rhombus

An entertaining collection of sounds slide their way into the ears on hitting play as The Almighty Rhombus with hazed guitars and fleeting keys deliver their sounds which are predominately wrapped up inside three minutes. Intriguingly they also have at least one track that extends for over seven minutes.

I was transported on more than one occasion to the sunnier climes of the Los Angeles whilst listening, yet there is equally something quite urbane in the songs. You knew it wouldn’t be possible for me not to mention Euclidean geometry given the name The Almighty Rhombus. Somehow the fifth member gives the band an appropriate name for a four sided equilateral shape as the ‘Almighty’ suggest something more than your regular and in this they undoubtedly live up to expectations. I always enjoy bands who are able to express themselves succinctly, which I know sits as an intriguing juxtaposition to my own verbosity in reviews, but nonetheless I do and their short tracks contain everything that is needed to express the context.

Of additional pleasure is the way that the percussion and bass hustle along the music, whilst not taking over the pieces, but ever present and entertaining. These five players work well together delivering sounds which add value to the day and for that, I thank The Almighty Rhombus.


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WhiteMoor – Remember Remember – Video

WhiteMoor from England have just released a new video.

WhiteMoor - Remember Remember


Remember Remember is taken from their debut eponymous LP originally released in 2011.

WhiteMoor – Remember Remember on MUZU.TV.

Remember Remember – Alexis Records is available on iTunes*.

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Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders

Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders is at the heart of the matter the alt-indie songwriter Matthew Squires from Austin in the USA plus a long list of contributors.

Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders - alt-indie from the USA

Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders

Constantly creating new music Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders can also be found playing live. On listening to the material the audience is given the distinct impression they are sharing in the excoriation of the meandering thought processes and dreams of Matthew as the material sweeps across vast swathes of context.

There is a sense of lightness and confusion that is delivered in the wrapping of electronic and acoustic instruments each piece delivering something unexpected and it is those joyous strides of disconnection that gives the material that floats around the room. Like a sage delivering wise questions there is a prophetic feel to the outpourings with the almost chanted lyrics. The whole effect being slightly jarring whilst simultaneously cathartic.

Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders is not about inventive music, rather inventive free-thinking and as such it works a treat. I have little doubt that the style and presentation will divide audiences, but if you get into it, then like me, you won’t understand why everyone else doesn’t revel in the sounds.


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