Echoic – The Way You Are Made – Video

From England emerge Echoic with a video for The Way You Are Made.



This resonates for its atmospheric contextualisation. Echoic has created a track which sets the mood of the piece along with a vocal that adds considerable emotional draw – for a quiet space of thoughts towards a relationship…

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Senopia, based in London – England , is Pia B (Vocals), Andrew B (Bass / Guitar / Programming / Vocals), David H (Drums) and Rich W (Guitar) an electro-rock band comprising members from Finland, Austria and England.

Senopia - electro-rock from England


Electro-rock when in the hands of skilled creators can be a stunning space in which to spend time and the fact that I am writing about Senopia is a clue to my thoughts. Combining ability with a breadth of cultural influences enables the quartet to offer music with a broad wingspan.

The combinations of synthetic sounds and instrumentation gives the quartet an ethereal outline within which the compositions form solid blocks of being which flash across the brain. Another band to spend considerable time to allow the music to soak the brain. Senopia are able to portray their ideas inside tracks which never extend beyond their welcome, though flood the audience in considered deliberations.

For a moment of tranquillity the quartet offer an enticing spa in which to unwind as the smoke wafts around the room. My only surpise being that after nearly four years their profile remains subsumed. One can only hope that their debut LP Modern Squalor which came out yesterday will raise that profile to a far wider audience.


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Grenouer – Golden Years – Video

From Russia Grenouer have made a new video for Golden Years available.



Whilst not immediately evident to the observer, there is often a symbiosis betwixt posts on the site. Written back to back last Wednesday and published a week apart are two Russian  bands.

With a change of bass player – now Al Bolo –  from the review in June, here is a different style entirely, with a similar thought process. This time, from St. Petersburg,  taken from the twelve track LP – Blood On The Face – track two – Golden Years.

Blood On the Face – Grenouer is available on iTunes*.

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Denzil A.K.A.

Denzil A.K.A. from Larne in Northern Ireland is the alt-rock musician Smout Martin who works with other instrumentalists as and when needed.

Denzil A.K.A. - alt-rock from Northern Ireland

Denzil A.K.A.

Covering much ground the music by Denzil A.K.A. is delivered as-though a full line-up giving the listener plenty to engage the ears. Mild distortion gives the material a slightly grungy feel which is enhanced by the faded vocals and one is reminded of a threadbare carpet, lived in and well worn, familiar yet always surprising.

Highly expressive tracks offer food for thought, asking more questions than providing answers, which makes for a refreshing change. On taking an extended run-out with Denzil A.K.A. the audience is left feeling they have attended a philosophical debate as the sounds weave a curvaceous path around the room focusing the attention to forgotten detail.

This is music to take your time with, as there is an almost hypnotic feel to the sounds and it is that continual – almost / similar to / reminds me of – which is the draw to the material.

I recommend settling back in a favourite chair and letting your mind wander with the out-put. I look forward to hearing more of Denzil A.K.A..


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Bottle Cap Rockets – Pretty Face – Video

It seems like five minutes ago that I last looked at the USA based outfit Bottle Cap Rockets – it was however nearly three years ago.

Bottle Cap Rockets - artwork for Down And Dirty

Bottle Cap Rockets – artwork for Down And Dirty

It is good to don the brothel creepers, turn up the speakers and dance around the room as they announce a new release coming out in a couple of months – Down And Dirty – and in the interim here is the video for Pretty Face.

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