Matthew & Me

Matthew & Me is an alt-rock band from Totnes in England comprising Matthew BoardGrace BillingsAndrew HopperLucy Fawcett and Sam Craigan.

Matthew & Me - alt-rock from England

Matthew & Me

Burgeoning ballads are pricked by sharp barbs of rock derived influences which scores across tracks like rumbling thunder. There is no doubt that Matthew & Me are consummate song-writers with the instrumental and vocal skills to transpose the ideas aurally and provide the audience with music which entrances.

Matthew & Me deliver their sounds with a slight damper which gives the effect of rustling leaves in a breeze and regardless of the volume you play it back, there is a slightly haunting feel to the music. Possessing the ability to play with numerous inflections the quintet are able to provide the audience with a rich seam of discovery.

A new EP set for release on the 16th June – Golden Charms – is a luxuriant journey across their out-put with tracks ranging from the pugilistic to the acoustic and a welcome addition to the world of music that reflects of the 2010’s.

website (music starts immediately).

MMXIII – EP – Matthew & Me is available on iTunes*

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Rabbitfoot Capers – Bohemian Blue – Video

Rabbitfoot Capers from England were introduced in December of last year.

Rabbitfoot Capers - Bohemian Blue

Rabbitfoot Capers

If the band didn’t make sense last time round, you will find nothing has changed as they continue to delve an obscure backwater of music and for this I give them credit as they continue to confound with their idiosyncratic style and sounds.

The latest video by Rabbitfoot Capers being for Bohemian Blue.

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Centrefolds – Aquaplane – Video

Centrefolds from England were first reviewed at the tail end of last year.

Centrefolds - Aquaplane - artwork

Centrefolds – Aquaplane – artwork

They continue to keep busy with a new single, their second of so far this year,  having just been released, which is accompanied by a live video recording of Aquaplane.

Aquaplane – Single – Centrefolds is available on iTunes*.

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission. from Macaé in Brazil is the alt-rock quartet of Luiz Bento (Vocals/Guitar), David Dinucci (Guitar), Lucas Caetano (Drums) and Wallace Santos (Bass). - alt-rock from Brazil

The immutable pressures of life resonate through the angst riven music that is Creating sounds which have a palpable feeling of impeding gloom and panic the quartet transfer those anxieties to the listener in what are highly effective tracks.

Guitars flail around the room leaving flashing fuzzy streaks in their wake, whilst percussion and bass set an industrial framework and the vocal cries its story. Music which speaks of personal straights can’t but evoke a response from the audience and it is the ability of the players in to capture those thoughts and deliver them coherently, although challenging of the listener, that I particularly enjoy.

This is not music to take to a beach party, but certainly one for quieter more reflective moments, where their creations have a mesmeric attention grabbing force.

A recent LP their début appropriately named Pó de Vidro, which is a six track creation covering the cuts and abrasions of life is well worth getting hold of and is available on bandcamp.

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