Some Are Lonely – High – Audio

Some Are Lonely is a Swedish melancholic-folk duo.

Some Are Lonely

Some Are Lonely

Their music combines, electronica, both acoustic and electric instrumentation, drums and vocal to deliver music which minds the listener of wandering, lost, through a snow-covered forest finding the mind developing a sense of despondency yet, overarching concerns for personal well-being, the beauty of the surroundings becalm and a feeling of serenity settles in the audience.

Some Are Lonely released their début LP – This is what remains – (available on bandcamp) earlier this month. A ten track, approximately fifty three minutes, release in which the listener is invited to allow their imagination to roam.

My pick of the release being the the third – High.

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Everafter – Over You Tonight – Video

The English rock trio Everafter revealed the track Over You Tonight on the 11th.

Everafter - Over You Tonight


Continuing with their tendency to create a slightly new sound with each track – Over You Tonight – takes the listener to ’70s brit-rock with a heavy drum-kit rumbling through the song and sharply struck guitar switching spotlight with a slowly pedalled bass-line as the gravelled vocal gives the composition its essential earthy ragged edges.

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Gyasi – Sugar Mama – Audio

On the 2nd of February 2018 the US retro-rock project Gyasi will be releasing the LP Peacock Fantasies.



The first song to surface from the album has also been released as a stand alone single, which is the last of the six tracks on the LP – Sugar Mama – that spears directly out of the golden age of UK rock’n’roll with its glittering bravado and unfettered self-confidence underpinned by technical competence – as the listener is minded of Marc Bolan.

Other than head to the make-up bag to paint the face my only other advice being ensure the air microphone is to hand to accompany the music and turn up the volume – then hit play.


Peacock Fantasies – EP – Gyasi is available on iTunes.*

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Mobilities – Built From The Ground – Single Review

The US rock quartet Mobilities released the single Built From The Ground on the 15th.



Allow me to assist, when you hit play, no need to do as I did – check for a fault with the foundations of the building or contemplate – perhaps an earthquake? – as the speakers teeter and topple.

It really is the superb crunching drum roll, courtesy of Derick Thomas who can be found working with as little as the sparsity of a couple of toms, one hanging the other floor, a snare, a bass-drum and a ride and a hi-hat, that is causing all the damage – and that is even before everything in the band gets in to full flow.

A well balanced bass adds the to the sense of the room falling down around the ears, whilst meticulous guitar is able to give Built From The Ground (available on bandcamp) an unexpected spaciousness to the liquefying mass while vocal adds yet another dimension as it appears to surface at a completely different pace giving the single an all engrossing multitudinous layered texturing that will have the listener reaching for the replay button immediately.

Word also arrives that an LP – Time Hasn’t Swallowed Us Yet – is due for release on the 23rd of February 2018 – I find myself already wishing away January.


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JSP – King Of My Throne – Audio

JSP is an English alt-rock quartet.



Formed at the tail end of last year, with their first gig in April this, they released their début EP – Faraway – this month.

Although not having played as a unit for long JSP is made up of a group of experienced musicians, which is self-evident in the four songs on the EP as, there is a confidence and ability that attests of a band who know what they are about whilst being equipped with the songwriting skills and musical prowess to be able to deliver their vision.

The audience is immediately struck by the influences of both ’70s heavy-rock and Factory Records releases of the ’80s with the music flowing through the room as though carried on drifting smoke whilst JSP build layers of interweaving texturing to the unhurried compositions in to which the listener finds their pulse slows to match the pacing.

The last of the four tracks is King Of My Throne.

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Faraway – – EP – JSP is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.