Non m’importa della luna – Dream Inn – Audio

The Chilean dreamwave sextet Non m’importa della luna released their début LP El Fin del Mundo y Antes del Amanecer on the 15th.

Non m'importa della luna

Non m’importa della luna

With a wide spread of instrumentation, including electronica, percussion, guitars and violin along with changing vocalists enable Non m’importa della luna to deliver multilayered compositions in to which the listener becomes immersed as the quiet intonation slips from the speakers.

From the eight track plus four remixes album (available on bandcamp) Dream Inn is the fourth.


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Electric Light Pulp – Who Am I? – Audio

The Brazilian electro-lofi project Electric Light Pulp released the LP I’m Not Here on the 13th.

Electric Light Pulp - Who Am I?

Electric Light Pulp

An eight track album of instrumentation and electronica which has dour air which slowly envelopes the room in a grey shroud like a thick fog, leaving the listener encased in a ghostly soundscape that flickers dark shadowy figures which are never fully revealed.

The fourth of the eight tracks on the LP (available on bandcamp) is Who Am I?.

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Julien Baker – Appointments – Video

The US sad-folk creator Julien Baker releases the LP Turn Out The Lights on the 27th of October.

Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights - artwork

Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights – artwork

The first song to surface from the album – Appointments, the second of the eleven tracks, is a haunting composition of strings, keys and vocal that remains in the mind for some considerable time after its completion.

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Turn Out the Lights – Julien Baker is available on iTunes.*

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Ghost Nation

Ghost Nation from Stockholm in Sweden is the electro-goth duo of Micke Berg and Tomas Vasseur.

Ghost Nation

Ghost Nation

With only a couple of songs to hear this a duo who have much to offer and it is little surprise that they are fast attracting attention. Easy clips for mainstream radio dissection for those who like that sort of thing are equally served with plenty of texturing and layering for those of us who like their music to bite out of the speakers.

Their first offering Turn Off The Lights revolved around the circumference of ’80s synthwave of smoky layers of synthetics snaking through the speakers with the extended vocals floating across the room.

The second reveal – Your Final Kill – offering a darker countenance which finds the listener stepping in to a basement backstreet night-club festooned in gaudy flashing neon lights – only to discover the swirling loops of drum-pad lasso the ankles and immediately dangling upside down above a packed dance-floor as the breathy vocal spires in to the ears from below akin to siren calls of tempting promises.

It will be interesting to discover where Ghost Nation decide to travel in future creations, though the fact I am suggesting Your Final Kill as a means to get to discover the duo does indicate I am happiest in a sleazy club, which to regular readers will come as no great revelation, hoping to hear more of this direction of travel in the future.

Time will tell and as I have news I will endeavour to let you know.

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No Kill – Eddie Vedder – Single Review

The US grunge duo No Kill released the single Eddie Vedder on the 14th.

No Kill

No Kill

Drenching the room in guitars which sound as though they have been soaked in wet grass for a week there is a sublime whiff of damp meadows as the scuzzy guitars sheer across the ears to the accompaniment of pulsing drum that slaps through the ears as the shadowed vocal hovers above the fray like a condor hunting on the thermals in the Andes.

After a two year break since 2015 a couple of songs have arisen this (available on bandcamp) and one can only hope they are now firmly back on track.

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