The K’s – Sarajevo – Single Review

The K’s is an English newwave quartet.

The K's

The K’s

I do confess – I had to check – a band entitled The K’s with a song called Sarajevo did raise queries of political persuasion – so rest assured – the Sarajevo in question is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 rather than thoughts of Srebrenica in support of the English Defence League – this is not a KKK off-shoot of White Christian Supremacists, I merely countenance the band to reconsider their name (else you sense akin to Sham 69 gigs – in those days – the BNP – supporting the music for all the wrong reasons) as I won’t be the only one of suspicious nature – now you know you will more clearly notice the lyric, comprehend the irony of the artwork of the single depicting the emblem of Црна рука – perhaps it is my tinnitus ridden ears and personal radar as an anarchist – the music?…

… turn up the volume and let the staccato pulsing beats harangue as the quartet compress the air, like an air-rifle, prior to propelling pellets in to the room peppering the plaster with pock-marks.

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Summon The Birds – London Tap Water – Audio

The Australian alt-folk quartet Summon The Birds release the LP Blood Love later in the year.

Summon The Birds

Summon The Birds

Drawing influences from across a disparate range of influences they deliver music that always offers different refraction. Having been around for some little while they have gained composure over the years allowing them to expand on the derivations of individual songs.  Blood Love, which is the follow-up to their 2012 LP 48, based on what I have heard, is of different countenance with more sarcastic commentary delivering deeper texturing and layering of music, though still distinctly steeped in folk .

The first song to surface, which will be released as a stand alone single (available on bandcamp) tomorrow, follows on from the refrain of the last single Diggers (2013) with a splosh from newwave – though in this occasion rather than hinting of Quite Unnerving, one finds oneself thinking more of the sardonic humour of Splodgenessabounds.

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Partner – Play the Field – Audio

The Canadian indie-rock duo Partner release the LP In Search Of Lost Time on the 8th Of September.

Partner - In Search Of Lost Time - artwork

Partner – In Search Of Lost Time – artwork

From the album (available on bandcamp), Play The Field, the thirteen of the nineteen tracks combines – their good humour, rock’n’roll and indie-breeze in a roughly three minutes song that makes you wish it was already the 8th of next month.


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Jess And The Bandits – Start A War – Video

The US / England country quintet Jess And The Bandits release the LP Smoke And Mirrors on the 15th of September.

Jess And The Bandits

Jess And The Bandits

From the forthcoming album a live stripped back acoustic version of Start A War recently surfaced which allows the highly impressive vocal to take centre stage with little adornment and indicates why their appeal is international.


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Echotape – Forget It – Video

It has been a couple of years since the English indie-rock out-fit Echotape last featured.

Echotape - Forget It


Currently finalising details for the release of the EP This Could Be Anything. The first track to surface, which itself will be made available as a stand alone single on the 22nd of September – Forget It – is of more summery disposition than music of theirs previously featured.

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