Ralph Waldo – Pool Days – Audio

Ralph Waldo is a retro-lofi duo from the USA.

Ralph Waldo

Ralph Waldo

Those of us of older vintage will recall having to warm valves prior to the wireless functioning and will be minded of the vintage. Those who contemplate that ‘wireless’ is something to do with the internet rather than radio receivers and no concept of a ‘valve warming’ will be even more befuddled than prior to starting to read the preamble – but trust me – think ’60s or earlier and it will all make sense.

Like settling in to your most comfortable position in your favourite armchair the seven tracks, lasting around twenty five minutes, on the LP Norman (available on bandcamp) will coddle you further as the hazy guitar strings, analogue synth and brushed percussion combine with a becalming voice resting the mind in a sympathetic synapse flow.

There is more added delight when one discovers the lyrics – akin to the M.A.S.H. theme song – are of acerbity rather than of equalisation with the auditory softness.

Song number five on the LP is Pool Days.

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Jathon Delsy – For Real – Video

Jathon Delsy is a prolific electro-rock creator from England.

Jathon Delsy

Jathon Delsy

For over a year I have meant to come back to feature a track, though for reasons I am unable to fathom – never have quite managed to get round to it, until now.

A musician I always enjoy for the joie-de-vivre and by way of a belated introduction – For Real.

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BUHU – La Truth – Single Review

BUHU is a psychedelic-electronica project from the USA.



An analogue processor allow BUHU to deliver tracks of wonderfully warming waves of wistfulness. The sound of traditional leather drum-skin which takes the listener to a gathering around a campfire lends to the latest, just under six and a third minutes track, La Truth, an hypnotic dreamy haziness and the listener can sense the everyday irrelevant worries sloughing away leaving a contented glow to flow through the body.

This feeling of self-awareness is amplified by the lyrical content which contemplates on the strains of keeping secrets resulting in an unnecessary drifting apart in what should be, and otherwise would, strong relationship ties.

With an extensive touring schedule from mid June to early August around the USA and Canada, an evening with BUHU would be well worth booking in the diary if there is a gig within reach.

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La Truth – Single – BUHU is available on iTunes.*

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Uma & The Wandering Stars – When You Go – Single Review

Within the past twenty hours the England based whisked-wave outfit Uma & The Wandering Stars revealed their latest song.

Uma & The Wandering Stars

Uma & The Wandering Stars

When You Go is a munificence of imploding folds of melting cocoa with the listeners finding themselves in a quandary as to whether they should step away and create their own chocolate mousse or tarry with the silken sheen of luxuriant vocal and beguiling instrumentation.

The fact that I remain here suggesting you spend time on the company of the just over four and a half minutes of softly evolving lava flow of magma that is When You Go informs you of where I stand on that conundrum, though to be fair I am also reaching for utensils and bowls as I type.


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Jen Miller – Fire – Single Review

The US electro-realist creator Jen Miller released the single Fire within the past twenty four hours.

Jen Miller - photo credit Ashley Wright

Jen Miller – photo credit Ashley Wright

Throwing down the gauntlet to misogynists around the globe – Fire turns the tables with a narrative of female sexuality.

The symbolism of the track is elicited in the music, through which a contemptuous vocal sears.

A throbbing bass pulses through the speakers with immense promise only for it to implode within a splat of trumpet within seconds, from whence an unsatiated combination of hip-thrusting percussion and interweaving wah-wah takes over prior to drifting in to ever more disinterested and dismissive sentiment slowly closing to silence throughout which the lyric regards with equal disdain.

Fire – Single – Jen Miller is available on iTunes.*

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