Softspoken – Close To Me – Audio

Softspoken – the US alt-indie quintet released the EP Pathways on the 17th.

Softspoken - Close To Me


The closing track of the five – Close To Me – is the most melody driven track on the release and potentially sets a slightly different navigation for future material as Softspoken display a more expressive and atmospheric soundscape than their music previously featured.

Pathways – EP – Softspoken is available on iTunes.*

More by Softspoken.

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Circle – Thylacine – Video

It was back in 2012 that the agit-psychedelia band from Australia Circle first appeared and over two years since last featured.

Circle - Thylacine - artwork

Circle – Thylacine – artwork

Agit-psychedelia – you may be thinking there is an oxymoron in itself, allow me to elucidate further… their latest track, which surfaced earlier in the month Thylacine is a revolving composition which folds within itself as the acerbic lyrical content sears through the moral turpitude of societal construct as the backdrop of recorded commentary justifies widespread slaughter of the Tasmanian Devil, in the same vein in which the execution of Badgers, here in England and Wales is served as an idea of probity, whilst the song reflects of how socio-political reflection deems those ‘not worthy’ are the parasitic enemy.

I merely hope it is long before 2019 our paths cross once again.

Thylacine – Circle is available on iTunes.*

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Good Omens – Silent Spring – Audio

The Finnish acoustic-indie-folk band Good Omens are finalising details for the LP All The Moving Parts.

Good Omens - Photo by Pauliina Jokela

Good Omens – Photo by Pauliina Jokela

Their fleet of foot compositions are influenced by both indie dance and folk resulting in tracks containing swooping melodies which gather up the audience in welcoming embrace. From the forthcoming album – Silent Spring is a roughly five minute number which showcases their style.


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The US progressive rock quartet OXBOW release the LP THIN BLACK DUKE on the 5th of May.

OXBOW - photocredit - Meow's Imaginarium

OXBOW – photocredit – Meow’s Imaginarium

For those who read the previous article there will be a stark difference prior to listening to the music – from a band who never uses capital letters to a band who only use capital letters.

OXBOW have been around for many a year though it is over a decade since their last LP and THIN BLACK DUKE, on the basis of the first track to surface, COLD & WELL-LIT PLACE, will be something to eagerly add to the ‘music for grown-up moments’ playlist.

COLD & WELL-LIT PLACE has an expansive flow which is bounded within a corralling drum-kit enabling the mesmeric guitar and expressive five string bass room to shine, without ever becoming lost in their own disportment whilst the graceful vocal spills dulcet tones through the ears.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

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Na’an Stop – Lazy Susan – Single Review

The US Ska quintet Na’an Stop revealed Lazy Susan in the past few hours.

Na'an Stop - photo credit Eric Broadfoot

Na’an Stop – photo credit Eric Broadfoot

All that made 2 Tone Records such a great label back in the ’70s and  ’80s is contained within the just over three and a half minutes of Lazy Susan.

Underpinning the track is a soul reference point from which the dance steps evolve and the listeners finds themselves swaying across the room in unfettered abandon as trombone, trumpet, synths, bass, guitar and a plethora of vocals skip through the ears in a fusion of inclusiveness, which in 2017 is a sorely lacking commodity.

Allow yourself some space – stand up – turn up the volume – then hit play – and dance.


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