Le Garçon Rêvé – Pensées Étranglées – Audio

The Spain based French and Argentinian alt-folk duo Le Garçon Rêvé released the LP Eat Your Make Up earlier in the month.

Le Garçon Rêvé

Le Garçon Rêvé

A roughly thirty seven minutes, nine track album, which quietly and confidently steps from the speakers as Le Garçon Rêvé deliver a soundtrack steeped in adroitly handled acoustic guitar.

My selection from Eat Your Make Up (available on bandcamp) is the fifth number, Pensées Étranglées, which features a viola allowing the duo to add considerable texture to the piece whilst equally containing the most prepossessing vocal performance on the release.

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The Inconsistent Jukebox – Glambience – Video

The English electronica project The Inconsistent Jukebox is becoming a regular feature on the site.

The Inconsistent Jukebox - Glambience

The Inconsistent Jukebox

The newest track to surface Glambience is of very different mood to previous material that has appeared, perhaps appropriately so given the project name, with an approaching five minutes of soothing ambience revolving through the room.

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Flight Brigade – Hurricane Season – Video

The English alt-rock band Flight Brigade have regularly featured since their introduction in 2012.

Flight Brigade - Hurricane Season

Flight Brigade

Recently, a live version of Hurricane Season from the LP Our Friends Our Enemies.

Our Friends Our Enemies is available on Amazon.*

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Circus worlD – Black Swan – Video

Circus worlD, an alt-rock duo from the Isle Of Man, released the EP – The Burning Well E​.​P. this month.

Circus WorLD - The Burning Well E​.​P. - artwork

Circus WorLD – The Burning Well E​.​P. – artwork

Having lain dormant for over a decade Mark Sayle and Mikie Daugherty (who you may well recall is in Postcode got together with an idea for a song. Finding they were enjoying the process one song became more songs resulting in the release of The Burning Well E​.​P. . A release that is available on bandcamp as either a five track digital EP or as a ten track CD LP.

In either version – the opening track is Black Swan.

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Leroy Lytel – Karen – Audio

The US chanteur Leroy Lytel released the LP Whisper Sugar earlier this month.

Leroy Rytel

Leroy Rytel

An approximately forty eight minute, eleven track, album (available on bandcamp) which demands of a decent speaker set-up, cranked to maximum and kicked to ensure it is playing more forcefully with bass set to maximum and sub-woofers set as expansively as possible – you have heard this preamble often – though never without reason and to fully enjoy the baritone vocal, acoustic guitar, bowed viola and harmonica combinations it is once again not a posit of vagary.

My selection from the release is the third track – Karen, from an LP that should be in your catalogue.

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