Noah Hoffeld – Stop Slow Down – Video

Noah Hoffeld, the alt-rock creator from the USA releases his début LP –Play Human – on the 8th.

Noah Hoffeld - Play Human - artwork

Noah Hoffeld – Play Human – artwork

Whilst I have had the opportunity to take a listen to all eleven tracks on the album, which for the featuring of a Cello, gives the material a haunting melancholia, sadly I am unable to share it all with you, but what I can do, is stream the video for the third track, which went live, a matter of hours ago – Stop Slow Down.


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Fashion Week – Fendi Bender – Video

Fashion Week is a grunge-metal out-fit from the USA.

Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter - Vinyl

Fashion Week – Prêt-à-Porter – Vinyl

The opening track of the eight on the LP – Prêt-à-Porter is Fendi Bender.

Prêt-à-porter – Fashion Week is available on iTunes.*

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