Happy Lives – Marry Me – Video

It has been over two years since the US band Happy Lives last featured.

Happy Lives - Marry Me - artwork

Happy Lives – Marry Me – artwork

The single Marry Me was released on the 4th.

Marry Me – Single – Happy Lives is available on iTunes.*

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The Sunshine Spectacular – Family Fires – Audio

From Tasmania – The Sunshine Spectacular have a new single through the Norwegian label Cafe Superstar set for release on the 1st December.

The Sunshine Spectacular

The Sunshine Spectacular

Somehow the release of Family Fires seems so right for me to ask you to consider as it joins up polar opposite ends of the earth with the Tasmanian collaboration of The Sunshine Spectacular drawing the Norway based vocalist Elisabeth of Musique Le Pop, in the background.

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EB11 from El Medano, Tenerife in Spain is the alt-rock quartet of Eber C. Pitrelli (Guitar / Vocals), Joaquin Lair (Guitar / Vocals), Alberto Delgado (Bass) and Manuel Conti (Drums).

EB11 - alt-rock from Spain


Intriguingly for a band so close to North Africa and remote from Europe, there are distinct reference points to the UK of the ’70s blues rock generation as EB11 ply their trade.

A blistering array of guitars prance around the room like highly strung Viennese Horses as the quartet scatter their sounds around the room in a shower of shimmering blades. EB11 throttle the compositions with a mastery of seasoned stage hands and the audience is left with engaging sparks of light that have a well reined temperament allowing them to add shadowed accompaniment which gives the resulting out-put a latency of some intrigue.

Originally formed as a solo project EB11 is now in full flow with a schedule of appearances set for next year along with a  fourteen track LP – Enjoy The Ride, which came out last month.

Expect to hear much more of EB11 in short order.


Enjoy the Ride – EB11 is available on iTunes*.

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Vagabond Flag – Those Old Days – Audio

The English musical journey Vagabond Flag was first introduced back in July.

Vagabond Flag - Notes - artwork

Vagabond Flag – Notes – artwork

The LP Notes was, at that time, anticipated for release in September, a slight delay sees this shifted back to the 12th January. As a bonus – a second piece from the album. Track four of the ten – Those Old Days.

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